Squirrel Habits

Research has shown that squirrels spend most of their time foraging and eating. Weather usually has no direct effect on eating habits, except in severe cold when they may hole up for several days.

A squirrel will feed on its haunches, with the seed held between its paws, and its tail curled over it’s back. It will then rotate the seed as it is eaten. A squirrels tail is used for shade, shelter from rain, balance, and to change direction while falling.

Most squirrels mate in midwinter, and have their young some 40 days later. Babies are born naked, blind, and completely dependent. However, within five weeks they will develop fur and their eyes will open. Squirrels will mature in one year, and are fully grown by age two. Their average life span is about 10 years.

Squirrels are usually very trusting, and are brought together by an abundance of food in one place. Since most squirrels do not hibernate feeding should continue year round.