Backyard Basics



Turn your backyard into a miniature nature reserve you by providing plenty of quality food, water and shelter. With the help of Nature’s Nuts you can provide a haven for wildlife, giving your entire family hours of enjoyment and a respect for nature that will last a lifetime.

  • For a birds-eye-view, place feeders in an area that is easy to watch and accessible to your backyard friends.

  • Make sure this area is close to a bush or tree so that birds can fly into cover, and look around, before feeding.

  • To attract a variety of birds, we recommend one feeder that is suspended or mounted, coupled with a ground-feeding tray. This will keep competition to a minimum between smaller and larger birds.

  • Above all, be patient. Your birds may take a few weeks to locate a new feeder. But rest assured, once they find it, they will be back for more.

  • Winter creates a special demand for a high-energy diet, while spring and early summer finds seeds and nuts in short supply. To ensure that your backyard pets are getting all the nutrition they need, keep a constant supply of Nature’s Nuts in all your feeders.